"...especially the fine Candace Smith as Asher’s only friend and the movie’s sole human being."

"...Performances are well tuned, with much of the pic’s effectiveness owing to the genuine warmth in scenes between Anderson, Candace Smith’s grown-up Nana and Jonathan Billions as her playful young son."


Watch Candace opposite David Spade & Roman Reigns in the new Netflix comedy "The Wrong Missy". Available now

Most recently, Candace plays opposite David Spade as the wife to WWE star Roman Reigns in the Netflix comedy The Wrong Missy.  In ABC’s hit holiday movie, Same Time, Next Christmas, Candace appears as the endearing sister to Charles Michael Davis who falls for Lea Michele.

As the female lead in the feature film My Father Die, produced by Pierce Brosnan, Candace dominates the screen as a strong dramatic actress.  This theatrically released, gritty thriller filmed in Hammond, Louisiana and received rave reviews at it’s “South by Southwest” premiere. Candace’s performance in My Father Die received praise by The New York Times and Variety.  She trained in gunnery and performed most of her action-packed stunts.

In the theatrically released film Gimme Shelter, Candace successfully tackles a beautiful accent as Marie Abeanni, an African social worker.   The film is based on a true story and in a pivotal dramatic scene, Candace appears opposite Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens. 

In David Ayer’s hit film End of Watch, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena come to Candace’s rescue as a distraught mother.  Additional filmography includes Warner Brothers’ BeerfestBabymakers and Slammin Salmon as Michael Clark Duncan’s sister.  In television, Candace has guest starred on CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0”, NBC’s “Heroes”, “Friday Night Lights” & “Joey”, HBO’s “Entourage” and Fox’s “Method and Red”. 

See Candace as Heidi Williams in ABC's original holiday family film "Same Time Next Christmas" available now streaming on ABC.com, the ABC app & Hulu!

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