• Ayanna WhitesidesIf you are someone desiring to enhance your public speaking, confidence, and life skills, contact Candace Smith! I met Candace in Honolulu while attending the Miss Hawaii USA orientation, in which she was a facilitator. I could not help but to notice how she captured everyone’s attention with her presence and the confidence demonstrated in her speech. Afterwards I mentioned to her my desire to improve upon my professional speaking and confidence both professionally and personally. I was happily surprised to discover Candace also coached clients in business development in addition to relationships, entertainment careers and lifestyle. I hired her immediately and we began hour-long Skype coaching sessions. Candace took the time to understand me so she could assess the areas I needed to nurture to achieve my goals. Each session was fun and interesting but also challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. After only a few sessions I began to recognize the patterns in my life that held me back and noticed an improvement professionally and personally. She identified roadblocks in my life that I didn’t even know existed! She has led me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and re-discovery, which has helped me develop, strengthen, and sharpen the skills and tools necessary for success. I encourage anyone who is looking for a career coach to make you a better leader, speaker, or to build confidence to hire Candace. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Candace, I thank you for helping me to grow ever stronger and more confident.

    Ayanna Whitesides
  • FranciscoThe majority of actors will tell you that the audition process is the most stressful and nerve-racking part of the job. Most of us lose our confidence due to the constant rejection that comes with the business. This held to be true with me, until I met Candace Smith. In the few short months that I have been working with Candace, I have noticed a dramatic change in how I prep for and view an audition. In addition to learning how to break down and understand each scene, she’s given me my confidence back, helped me trust my instincts again and taught me how to take control and be present in the room.

    Francisco Rodriguez
  • CetaWalters2My husband I recently celebrated our 9th anniversary of marriage and have two beautiful sons as a result of our beautiful union. We express sincere gratitude to Candace for introducing us eleven years ago in Chicago and coaching us throughout our courtship. She took the time to understand us as individuals to assist in how we communicate with one another. Candace insisted we empathize with one another and realize we were on the same side. Even when times were difficult, she never gave up on our relationship! Candace is a great friend and even better coach.

    Ceta Walters
  • ElliseKakazu-webI competed for Miss Hawaii USA 2017 and placed first runner-up!  Honestly, this is something I would have never imagined myself achieving. As a young girl, I was extremely shy and could barely speak in front of a classroom without getting anxiety. Of course, as I got older my “shy girl” image began to fade as I challenged myself. But up until last year, I still lacked the confidence I yearned for. 
    Thankfully, I met Candace. She brought out the best in me and helped me gain a better understanding of who I am, what I have accomplished and where I am going. Candace not only prepared me for my first, official pageant, but she also shared a lot of principals and lessons that I can apply to my daily life. “You are a queen!” — That’s something Candace constantly reminded me throughout our journey together. And I now believe it. 
    I now can walk with my head held high (humbly), speak with confidence and dream without limitations. With this newfound confidence, I am ready to take on anything that comes my way. 
    Candace will always be a mentor, friend and role model. She’s truly the best! 

    Ellise Kakazu
  • Tierra JohnsonIn this world of entertainment, nothing is more helpful than having a great mentor and someone you can trust to help you learn and grow in your career, and you have been just that to me. Since the very first day we met, you have believed in me, supported me, and pushed me to get to the next level in my modeling career. You have been an amazing mentor, motivator, friend, and great inspiration in my life.

    You once told me “don’t look back, only forward” and always pushed me to pursue my dreams with hard work and dedication. I took those words, applied it, and reached heights that I’ve only imagined. I truly appreciate your guidance, honesty, wisdom, and the knowledge you have imparted upon me which has played a big factor in my success today. Watching your growth as a woman, and an entertainer has only pushed me to go harder and dream bigger, and for that I thank you.

    Tierra Johnson
  • Kennedy ChaseWorking with Candace Smith has changed my life tremendously in so many ways! She was not only coaching me for Miss Ohio Teen USA but she was coaching me for life. I have grown closer to God in my faith and have become a more positive person because of Candace. She has taught me to be confident and happy with who I am and to ALWAYS stay true to myself. These are just a few of the tips Candace gave me that made me successful in Miss Ohio Teen USA.

    I am happy to say that I was 4th runner up at the Miss Ohio Teen USA pageant; known of which would have happened without the wonderful help of Candace. I cannot say thank you enough for what she has done for me. She is truly a blessing in my life. Candace is amazing, talented, confident, smart, and beautiful inside and out! You will be beyond lucky to work with such a fantastic individual who is passionate and dedicated to her work. Candace is definitely a positive role model whom I look up to.

    Thank you so very much Candace!

    Kennedy Chase
  • KelseaHernandez2On November 22, 2016, I competed at the Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2016 pageant. Although I did not win the crown, the experience and having Candace as my pageant coach was a blessing. In the short time she coached me, I learned so much about the pageant world, but more importantly myself. When I initially contacted Candace I had so many questions about the pageant. She helped me understand the process and what I would need to do with such clarity while easing my nerves. Candace has convinced me that I am wonderful, beautiful and truly amazing. I created a special bond with Candace that will definitely last a lifetime. She also helped my family stay calm and collective before the pageant by going above and beyond the call of duty. She is definitely an AMAZING woman! I look up to Candace on a daily basis. Her positive energy and happy environment makes me enjoy working with her. Can’t wait to work with her again!

    Kelsea Hernandez
  • JulieChuI competed for Miss Hawaii USA two times previously and placed second runner up both times. I haven’t worked with a coach before because Hawaii doesn’t advertise or offer coaching for pageants. When competing in the past, I always felt that I was close to my goal but couldn’t quite understand why I felt that I was missing something. Our pageant director, Alicia Jones, recommended I sign up for Candace’s workshop. I honestly wasn’t too enthused about taking a pageant workshop because I felt that I knew the basics to pageantry. After just 15 minutes in to Candace’s workshop, I was blown away! Her energy, attitude and personality really caught my attention. She was knowledgeable and relatable! After my first workshop with Candace, I told myself that I had to work with her again privately. We had a few private one-on-one sessions and I can honestly say I haven’t felt more prepared to compete in the Miss Hawaii USA pageant! Candace really helped me with my interview and discussed the importance of showing your true inner beauty. She worked on my walk and made me feel like a queen on the stage that night. I felt prepared in every way possible: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am proud to say that I placed first runner up and I must give a huge thank you to Candace for all her help with my preparations. If you have not worked with Candace before, I highly suggest it! You will really be blown away after one session with her and will want to ask for more.

    Julie Chu
  • Mika ManthaI had been preparing for the “Miss American Teenager” pageant in August 2015, when I reached out to Candace Smith. I had many questions, and concerns going into my fist pageant ever. Interview was definitely one of my biggest fears going into this pageant. Luckily for me, my aunt, Carrie Ann Mantha, who was Miss. Florida in the 2003 Miss USA competition, coached me on interview skills and practiced a lot with me. She had also suggested I reach out and connect with many of her pageant friends for advice as well. During my preparation, she told me to do a Skype call with Candace Smith, a good friend of hers from Miss USA 2003. About one week before the pageant, and many schedule changes, I finally met Candace and talked to her! Besides giving me great advice for my first pageant, she also took the time to understand who I am rather than simply regurgitating me with interview tips.

    Mika Mantha
  • Jade Capri ManleySince Candace is an Actress, Attorney and Pageant Queen I connected with her in ways I don’t always connect with people. She is encouraging, helpful and inspiring…especially since she is from my hometown. She even took the time to call me during the holidays while she was with her family in Ohio and I was competing in LA at Nationals for National American Miss. She was so encouraging for my pageant and has been encouraging & helpful for my acting too! I like that she’s not just pretty & kind but she’s also smart. I look up to her a lot and she even follows me on Instagram.

    Jade Capri Manley
  • StephanieWang2Before I met Candace, I was a shy, lost girl searching for myself in all the wrong places. Little did I know my life would completely change when I attended her Pageant Workshop in Hawaii. In just a few months of working with Candace personally and through Skype, I was able to shed all of the self-doubt and deprecation I had unknowingly carried with me my entire life, and replace them with confidence and self-love. She made me realize that the person I was searching for was within me all along, and that I didn’t need affirmation from anyone but myself. Now, I no longer wear the mask I had worn my entire life to please people, and I no longer dim my light so that others feel comfortable. With her guidance and tremendous patience, I learned more about myself in those few months than I had my entire life, and I am forever grateful for her coaching and friendship. Candace did more than just prepare me for the Miss Hawaii USA pageant; she prepared me for life. A life where I am finally able to be unapologetically myself, a life I hadn’t truly been living until now.

    Stephanie Wang


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