I see you everyday.

Thank you to all those who reply to my tweets with kindness even though my mentions can be full of troll-bot-vitriol. You don’t have to be here and deal with that bullshit. You choose to be.


I see you and appreciate you. Every day.

Alyssa_Milano: @RussMarasheski @juliebenz @HamillHimself @AllCharisma @TheCandaceSmith Happy Birthday.

@RussMarasheski @juliebenz @Alyssa_Milano @HamillHimself @TheCandaceSmith Happy Bday!! 🎈

@RussMarasheski @juliebenz @Alyssa_Milano @HamillHimself @AllCharisma @TheCandaceSmith HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!💙🥳

@RussMarasheski @juliebenz @HamillHimself @AllCharisma @TheCandaceSmith Happy Birthday.

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